Sunday, 19th. August, 2007

Liz writes:

Sunday was a big day for all of us at Alpine Paradise.

Having taken a few Goodbye Photos, Sepp left with the "Big Girls" for their daily jogging tour. I had packed Bridey's "Suitcase" into the car the night before and with a funny feeling in my tummy we left for Rietz.

After 1.5 hour journey we arrived safely at Tina's home. Bridey greeted the family like long lost friends and with that the first weight fell from my chest! We looked around the house together, talked about Bridey's routine and after dealing with all the other formalities, 3 hours later I was back on the road – this time alone!

Desi and Abi kept checking around – where's Bridey? – and together we tried to enjoy the new found "quietness" of our house! It was a bit strange for us all.

Now a few days have passed and Bridey has mastered her new world without once looking back and we're very proud of her.

It's comforting for us to know that Bridey is not too far away and that maybe we will be seen presenting her at shows in the future! She has become a member of a lovely family and we are confident that she will develop very, very well! Many thanks to Family Krippels and especially to Tina who has the ultimate responsibility for their new puppy. We wish Bridey a long and healthy life!!

Now, last – but not least, it remains for me to thank the Breeding Controller of the Austrian Dalmatian Club, Mrs. Ursula Voitle. Despite temporary health problems she took the long journey on to her shoulders, to make the final control and formalities of our second "Mega-Litter" here in Westendorf.
Thank you dear Ursula!

Liz and Bridey

Last evening

Just before leaving

New Family

Tina, my new