February 2011

Alpine Paradise Cherilea's Charm nickname Cookie (Abi X Lukas - Daumont Knightofgold) on holiday in Salzburg - what a beauty!

Also Chester's Charm is spoilt in the Italian Alps with long mountain tours and running with horses.

Thanks for the photos - I'm really proud of you!!

  September 2008

Bridey's Family has grown with the arrival in August of little Anna. Our congratulations to Tina and Andi!

Bridey may sniff at Anna's tiny feet. The rest of the photos prove to us that Bridey despite the new arrival still has a great deal of attention and fun at home.

Bridey and Anna

  June 2008
Bridey's Exhibition

Bridey is now almost a year old and as you can see from the photos she has a wonderful life. Long runs in the mountains and swimming sessions as well as school and training are on her daily programme.

Bridey in the water

Bridey with Tina

She has also already achieved her first title in the show ring. She won her class in Wieselburg and took the Junior Winner's title. So, dear Bridey, just continue like that – the next challenge is in Innsbruck in August! See you there if not before :-)

Bridey in ring

Bridey is on the right

Group winners ring

  Winter 2007/2008
Daily life in a Dog Kennel

Between times, when we don't have any puppies or are not going to shows, our dogs are just normal pets like everyone else's.

In December our girls (naturally) came on heat together and reached their "critical point" around Christmas. Well, that really was no problem – as long as they could be out in the garden they had a lot of fun with one another ...

... until "Blade" the Husky picked up their scent!!

Blade lay outside, not bothered by the -17°C (!) – a real Husky – and so he spent almost 24 hours with us on Christmas Eve.

Blade, the Husky

Can we go out?

At 1:30 a.m. – when Desi and Abi still could not settle and needed to go out in the garden, I was eventually able to contact his owner per SMS and she rang me straight back. She was so happy to find out where he was and to know that nothing had happened to him that within a few minutes she was at our door in her nightdress!

From there on, each time Blade escaped from home Charlotte warned me per SMS, I got the girls into the house and she collected him in due course!! This made life much easier and now all is back to normal.

He still passes our house quite frequently – the girls go crazy when they see him – but he wanders on with head held high, hardly pausing to throw a glimpse in their direction – well, he is after all a dog!!

Here is a selection of Photos taken indoors over the winter (I never have the camera on walks in winter as it's usually too cold to use it).

Easter Saturday and winter has returned - fun and games in the snow!


  Visit from Bridey

On both the 24th. and 25th. September Bridey came to visit us for the first time - Desi and Abi had a wonderful time with her and so did I!

  September 2007
Training School with Abi and Desi

Desi has reacquired full physical and mental fitness after her B-Litter and is ready for fun and games again. A lot of mountain walking with Sepp and Christoph built up both her and Abi's muscles.

But life is not only about running free so we joined the autumn course at the Training School in Wörgl to try to reestablish the "basics"! We are definitely making good progress and when we are at school all the commands seem to sit quite well.

Concentrating hard

All four

Walking past each other

Through the middle

Trainer Michael
with Desi + Sepp

Who's teaching who?

Sepp and Desi

  July 2007
Farewell Spotty

Spotty had been off her food for some weeks and because she seemed quite happy and not in any pain we weren't too worried. However, things went rapidly from bad to worse and that ultimate decision had to be taken when our Vet diagnosed a large liver tumour on the 9th. July ... We miss her greatly ...

Spotty went completely blind at the tender age of five and after massive problems at first, within about six months people started to ask how much she could see. They thought, because she moved around so well relying on her other senses, that her sight had partially returned! Unfortunately that was not the case.

She lived a happy life, gave us a lot of pleasure and showed the rest of the canine world how to catch field mice despite her handicap!!

  June 2007
Abi on holiday with friends

Abi went to stay with Patsy and Jasmin whilst Desi had her B-Litter. She had to learn that she is not always Top Dog and she and Patsy became the best of friends.

Abi with Laura

Kisses for Patsy

Together in one box

Sunbathing on the Terrace

What's in here?