Here we will keep you informed of anything new happening at Alpine Paradise - for example larger changes to our website, show results, special events etc. When possible we will create a special link for simpler orientation.

13.06.2011 Our puppies have all found wonderful families and have flown the nest. Good Luck, my little Gems! A new Home
Week 8 and week 9 are online.
25.05.2011 We were in Piding (D) for BAER hearing test. Results: Another litter with all billateral hearing. Thanks, Lukas!
02.04.2011 31.03.2011 our bitch Abi (Alpine Paradise Abigail┤s Apart, ÍHZB DA 2304, w-liver) gave birth to 5/1 puppies, w-black and w-liver from Lukas (Multi Ch. Daumont Knight of Gold, LOI 07/44306, w-black). To the D-Litter
Feb. 2011 New pictures from Cherilea's Charm and Chester's Charm: To the picture gallery
27./28.01.2011 Abi has been mated with Daumont Knight of Gold - Lukas. Our D-Litter is expected at the beginning of April.

06.07.2010 Chelsea (Chelsea's Charm) und Chocko (Chocko's Charm) have both achieved success in their first big exams at school (BGH1). Congratulations to Fam. Scharfetter and Fam. Knapp
14.02.2010 Soon we must decide whether we will repeat our C-Litter with Lukas and Abi! The litter was free of problems and very attractive.
We would like to invite all those who may be interested in a puppy from our D-Litter to let us know as soon as possible!! We will only mate Abi if there is enough interest :-)

29.12.2009 After her puppy-break Abi took part in the IHA in Wels. Cherilea visited us there and Chasper attained "promising" in the Puppy Class.
08.07.2009 Our puppies are thriving well in their new homes. » more
28.05.2009 Today we had our hearing test in Piding (D) - all the puppies have bilateral hearing! » more
17.04.2009 Slowly the colour of our dwarfs is becoming apparent ... » more
12.04.2009 On Easter Saturday 11.04.2009 in the kennel of "Alpine Paradise" Abi gave birth to seven puppies.
06.04.2009 Week 9 has started!
09.03.2009 It's slowly looking as though Abi will be presenting us with tiny "Easter rabbits" :-)  here
7./8.02.2009 Abi sired by Daumont Knight of Gold  here
11.01.2009 Show results from Innsbruck  here

Dec. 2008 Abi's Partner for our C-litter is online.
14.12.2008 Abi at double show in Wels (A) - results here
Sept. 2008 Arrival of Anna at Bridey's home
24.08.2008 Abi achieved Exc.1, CACA in the Intermediate Class at IHA Innsbruck.
03.06.2008 Results of the  Breeding Certificate.
31.05.2008 Abi achieved  Exc.1, CACA in the open class IHA Salzburg.
12.04.2008 Bridey had her first success in the show ring at the IHA in Wieselburg: Exc.1 Best Junior. We were all very happy for her!

Winter 2007/08 Excitement at Alpine Paradise More
Sept. 2007 Training School with Abi and Desi More
July 2007 Farewell Spotty – our dear friend More
June 2007 Abi on holiday with friends More
27.09.2007 Bridey came for a first visit. Desi and Abi were thrilled, as also were we! More Photos
25.08.2007 International Dog Show in Innsbruck. Excellent 1 and Best Junior for Abi to start her show career. Time will tell if this was beginner's luck!
07.08.2007 Bridey's BAER audiometric examination proves bilateral hearing. Another perfect "Litter"!
27.07.2007 T-Cart Man of Gold does not carry the Lemon gene (Laborklin 25.07.07)
22.06.2007 Our B-Litter has arrived!!
Bridey was born at 4.30 p.m. Mother and Daughter are doing well. And of course, first pictures are online!
14.05.2007 We had a scan today. Desi is expecting! We are very happy!
18.04.2007 Desi sired by Multi Champion T-Cart Man of Gold on 16th. and 18th. April
14.02.2007 As only one puppy was born in our A-litter and Desi recovered very quickly, we have decided, in order to avoid a winter litter, to have her sired again at the next heat.

14.12.2006 Audiometric examination by Dr G÷dde in Piding (D) confirmed bilateral perfect hearing. We are all very happy!
05.11.2006 Abigail first saw the light of day on Sunday at 3.40 a.m! Mother and daughter are both doing well. The first photos are online!
02.10.2006 Ultrasonic scan shows that we are having puppies!!
03.09.2006 Desi sired by Bandit vom Hossenhaus.

03.12.2005 IHA Wels (A) – Exc. 1 and CACA. Desi has fulfilled all the requirements for her first national Champion Title - we are all very proud of her!!

18./19.06.2005 Weekend in Slovenia and Kroatia with two Int. Dog Shows

04.06.2005 Form "Excellent" at the Eurodog 2005 in Tulln (A)

09.04.2005 IRA Wieselburg (A)
Best Dalmatian bitch in show

28.02.2005 Desi takes the title Austrian Show Winner 2004!

01.02.2005 We have had so much snow that the dogs can hardly see out - it's impossible to run over the fields!

27.01.2005 Pregnancy confirmed by Ultrasonic Examination on 27.01.05!

13.01.2005 New Photos from our Kennel you will find here!

28.12.2004 Desi sired by Multi.Ch. Perdita's Inside Information on 28.12.04!

11.10.2004 Today we have launched our Website - Welcome Aboard!